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 As a guild master....

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PostSubject: As a guild master....   Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:14 pm

Hello Templar members (and this includes me of course in case your wondering cheers ).
Some of you know me as a long time standing Vice Master and may or may not have been in the same guild even. Some may be completely new to the game.
I have taken the last step up in position possible in the game. Guild Master.

I am an honest player and supporter of any group I'm in and represent. I expect nothing less from any one in my guild from myself down to the newest member in training.
I also believe in working my characters. I will always help with what I can with in my own limitations and with in reason. I don't spend a lot of time in the premium zone or on experience cards period so far.

I'm very patient with my game play and the game play of others good and bad. No promises will be made that can't be delivered. With time and training, the levels will come. Some of you may even pass me because of this. Some of you are already way ahead. Either way, I expect you to work for what you have or will have. There is a lot I won't be able to help with from boss drops to premium zone drops. Usually, my enchanting skills are horrible at best. I won't tolerate disrespect and laziness. Basically, your going to have to work your characters and be a good respectful and moral player in all areas. I'm telling you this now up front so you know that it will be work while in this guild.

If your looking for constant tanks and buffs, hand outs, or an easy way to level, this may not be a guild for you. Yes, I have and do tank on occasion for certain circumstances and players. But no, in general, myself, the Vice Master(s), and other members are under no obligations to tank for you or buff you or even continually give you shild. Those that stay in this guild, I commend you ahead of time, I know your not afraid to play honestly and apply effort. Experience passes are nice and the premium zone too. I just don't use them much myself and almost never go to bosses; and that does somewhat limit what I can help with as far as special or rare items.

Again, I will still help with what I can and as I can. The guild as whole will try to help with any questions, discussions. or needs on average. Don't try to take advantage of anyone's help or assistance. If i feel a member is abusing any privileges being offered by other members to help them, I will act on it. However, I feel your best interest would be to listen, learn, ask your questions, and work as needed.

I'm just as straight forward in the game as I am here on this forum. Sometimes, it may even result in me killing you if you over step too far and become too lazy or dependent on others. Maybe your attitude is too overbearing with others and you don't want to listen to reason or take direction. At this point, your welcomed to drop tag, I wouldn't dream of stopping you. If your that weak and lazy with a game character, your not going to do my guild, as a whole, any good in the long run.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I feel I should be up front about every thing. If you think this is harsh, be sure to read Guild Operations and Training Tips for further clarity on some things. My members so far are great and helpful. I hope to continue the trend as the guild grows. It's already strong in character.
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As a guild master....
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