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 Guild Operations

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PostSubject: Guild Operations   Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:19 pm

Hello! I hope everyone is doing great with their training. This is a basic run down on being a co-operative guild. These are some ideal ways to help make a stronger and more successful guild. The object of a guild is to LEARN to operate, co-operate, expand, and grow strong TOGETHER.

This is the only way a guild can be fully successful and long lasting.
First up, we don't kill steal(ks), drop steal(ds), use EXCESSIVE foul language in guild chats, or player kill(pk) unless the other party consents. There will be occasional cussing and such; Excessive cussing after being asked to stop, may result negative actions being taken.
Next, we try to operate as a team. Every player tries to help other members of the guild. We don't charge shild for skills, weapons, or armor. The guild tries to stock most of the weapons and armor with the help of higher level players. Keeping the skills you plan to use and maybe an occasional extra skill or 2 for your teammates later on is actually a good idea. They can take up too much space for a guild ware house to stock them all alone. The best weapons and armor can not be bought from npc shops.

Helping your guild mates also includes guidance. If you know how to do something or how something works, your teammates should know as well. Keeping watch as you all train together is also a key. Don't let or help anyone break these rules. Try to be mindful of your targets and surroundings at all times. Accidents will still happen sometimes but it helps to cut down on how often. If it's something being done to you, then try to talk to them about it or move to another area. Try to contact a Master or Vice Master, if trying to be diplomatic about it doesn't work. Pk is also an option in this version since it's the primary way to gain g/e. This only works if you can win for certain and with in 30 lvls unless over 200. Level 200 makes lvl 120 and up free game. Beware of consequences to yourself and your guild if you do this.

Inner guild sales to members should never exceed 150k for enchant cards. Otherwise, players are more than welcome to set up user shops if they want to sell for more. Your first enchant card can sell in barter square for about 2-300k shild each. Enchant cards are full random drops and can drop from anything. YOU CAN NOT RESELL THE CARDS BOUGHT AT GUILD PRICES FOR PROFIT!! This would be like cheating your Guild Mates.
Thank you all in advance for trying and doing your best! Happy hunting!
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Guild Operations
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