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 why the name?

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PostSubject: why the name?   Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:56 pm

Hello, and welcome to The Templar Dragons guild forum.
why the name...hmm...well..a brief note on history first concerning The Templar Knights or Knights Templar. They date back to the great crusades. Extremely fierce and noble fighters protecting the holy land. They were known for their courage and strength as well as great deeds. While no game or current factions, groups..etc. can live up to their true nature, I chose to use "Templar" as part of the guild name. More history on them can be found online if anyone is interested. I feel they got an extremely raw deal that lead to their demise. And there is still minor speculation on if they were really wiped out or went deeper into hiding to continue their sworn duties.

Dragons. Every one knows about dragons. Symbols for many things good and bad. I like the good things though. Intelligent, magical, strong, noble, loyal, even guardians... the list is long which ever aspects you choose to look at. But also fiction. You have to have make believe to coincide with reality to keep grounded. Just don't let either reality or dream get the best of you while playing. Real life should always come first.

Combining the two together is a basis for choosing a name. I took two of my favorite topics, one real and one not, to make the chosen name of the guild. Building the guild will take the help and co-operation of every one. The Templar didn't do it alone or on their own. They worked together with lots of support. Dragons have been thought to work in all ways, together with humans, together with nature, with gods, with each other, but mostly alone. which would explain why they don't exist now if they ever did.

The planned twist to this guild does not consist of being wiped out or become extinct. That is something for all of us to work on together as we continue to grow.

I welcome every one , to The Templar Dragons. I hope anyone reading the introduction can understand what I'm saying and trying to convey here even though it's short and lacking detail.
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why the name?
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