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January 2019


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 To Vice Masters

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PostSubject: To Vice Masters   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:45 am

Although I don't feel this guild will have these issues. I addressed some bottom line playing outlines and expectations for members in my post as a Guild Master and should do the same for my Vice Master(s). I'm extremely pleased with my current choice of VM with more in mind as we grow. Players that have always been respectful and helpful as long as I've known them in the game, to the guild(s) they've been in, it's members, and others as well. My Vice(s) are respectful, moral, fair, and last but not least, helpful. I value any opinions or suggestions from both Members and Vice Master(s). We should ALL have a common goal for this guild now.

Hello Vice Masters. new and old.
First and foremost: Remember what title is on your tag along with whom you are supposed to represent. I EXPECT each Vice Master to set THE examples. What does this mean? Guild members first, especially the newer and/or lower level players. If your on a pass and haven't made preparations before starting it to make you exempt form the title you wear. tough luck, if they need help and your the only one that can help, TAG YOUR IT! Stop what your doing and do what needs to be done please, each member you help is also a potential Vice Master in training, possibly even a guild master.

Next up: CRYING, whining, complaining...etc. It's a game, bosses don't make the game, speeders (if there are any) are just a minor obstacle to over come and beat down later as a reasonable chance permits. Shouting over boss drops or suspected guilds you feel might be cheating is pretty childish, embarrassing to the guild and it's master, and just plain uncalled for. Where's you composure? Remember the title your wear? Remember what guild you represent? If you answered these questions in the way i hope you should have, then you need to remember paragraph one. Step up and set the example, there will be other bosses, and events.

The bottom line is: Your title has a meaning as well as a representation and reflection of the guild as a whole. In leveling, training(whether your characters or helping another), interaction with other players and guilds(diplomacy), and last but not least, ATTITUDE; You are supposed to be respected and looked up too for a reason. Don't disappoint the guild master, guild, or any others. Make the title fit the wearer so the respect is fully earned and not forced by a fancy name tag.

Thank you for your time and work that you do to help the guild in being more successful every day.
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To Vice Masters
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