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 Partying Up

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PostSubject: Partying Up   Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:29 pm

Since I've been playing this game, 1 question that comes up a lot is: "Is partying up a good idea?". Most people will answer no. First up, if you are training with a friend, it can save tons of wrong chats, help each other stay alive by being able to see each others' hit points. But you truely have to not care about the amount of experience you might be losing by partying up. But the biggest use would be "Power Leveling" and /or "Stat Training". Power leveling would be someone of the same class, with area, partying up with someone in the same class with out an area skill. True, the person with area is losing experience points, but they are helping the person w/out area level faster than they normally would on their own. Stat training is another useful time to party up. For this type of pairing or grouping, 2 or more different classes are required, preferably with area, because it works better for all. Close can actually help raise str stats for a ranged or mage classed person(s). The same hold true for any mixing and matching of classes, range will help mage and close class with dex stats, and mages can help close and range with int stats. Try it. Sometimes it could be easier helping someone else raise a certain stat while you help them with theirs and not have to change the way you really like to level. The reason this works is because the class you are killing monsters with is the class the experience goes to when it is split w/in the party. Unless game updates have changed these facts, I have seen this first hand and is why, as far as i know at this moment, will not say "no" to anyone asking if it's a good idea to party up.
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Partying Up
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