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 Training Tips

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PostSubject: Training Tips   Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:17 pm

Sometimes people think that buying a lot of potions and fighting the biggest monsters you can possibly handle is the fastest way to level or train. This is actually a wrong philosophy. Things get expensive fast in this game and where has your shild gone? Not to mention the time you could end up spending trying to re-supply by selling and buying again. It's wasted time and shild. Not only have you lost training time, but you've also spent a lot of shild needlessly by being impatient. Potions should be for when you really need them. If your character can afford the habit, and that's how you want to train, great, but that isn't the case for every one. Experience a dime a dozen can actually be more steady and faster. If the area you want to train in is too big on damage, then the next area down would be a smart place to train for a level or 2. Try again and it may not be so bad the next area up. The math for experience based on hits just doesn't work since the hits it takes is never truly the same damage every time. So do not try this method when deciding most experience for training purposes. Train where and how you are comfortable with as little time and shild loss as reasonably possible.
No begging for buffs. If you ask a Mage for buffs, be prepared to barter or trade. If you are buffed by chance, say thank you and continue on. Sometimes the Mages with the buffing abilities get annoyed by this and may just run around and buff every one but you.
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Training Tips
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